Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 CHA 7 Kids Sneak Peek!

Let's talk!  Today at Creativation 2017, 7 Kids College Fund has done some shopping!  

What does that mean?

Well, in short, it means there are some sneak peeks to be sharing with everyone, and who better than me, Tammy Lousie, to share with all the 7 Kids followers something so near and dear to my heart? 

Do you love Bible Journaling?  I do!  There is nothing I would rather do than to spend some colorful creative time in the word of God!  Well, let me just say, there is an entirely NEW line of stamping products available through the LDRS Creative Store that 7 Kids College Fund has picked up and taken to the final stretch!  Let's get busy with the NEW TLC Inspired Stamping line shall we?  You'll see these available at the end of February in the 7 Kids College Fund store but I'm going to share them with you today for n extra special sneak peek!  I've been designing again!  These are ALL a part of my new TLC Inspired Stamping Line!!!  

7 Kids has purchased the TLC Inspired Edge stamps!
All four designs!  I have journaled with three of the sets and want to share them with you all, but there is the Grow set too!  If you love journaling in your Bible, you're going to find so many ocassions to use these stamps!    Make bookmarks, scrapbook with the simply delightful graphics or use them on a care!  The options are boundless!! 

"Blessed" TLC Inspired Edge Stamp Set
"Faith" TLC Inspired Edge Stamp Set
"Love" TLC Inspired Edge Stamp Set

Let's Talk about how else these lovelies can be used as well!  What about book marks?   What about your daily planner?  Could you use a stunning butterfly stamp to perfectly accentuate a card?  What about your calendar or your address book or your locker, where you look to be inspired between classes? 

 Are you the leader of your daughter's girl scout troup do you have a tween with 10 friends and a birthday party coming soon?

Are you inspired by the scriptures read during your church service?  Do you feel that you sometimes leave one of the books of the Lord what it is that you were supposed to be spiritually inspired by?  Grab your pens!  Grab your favorite coloring medium and within the word of God, express your emotions!  Feel the Faith, Love, Grace and Glory in that book!

If you too love the projects I'm sharing, keep an eye out and get your stamps to do some of your own artistically related work with the gospel.

We have been given all of the necessary Embellishments of life!

We all find inspiration, creation and relaxing outlets that fill our souls!  Always follow your heart!

  Thank you for visiting,


  1. Awesome Tammy ! I can hardly wait to get them in the store! Beautiful work!

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